Why Invest in Paint Protection Films?

Exposure of the car to sunlight, body contact with sharp objects, as well as exposure to various chemicals on the body all cause the paint to be damaged over time. Due to the great importance of body color and its great impact on the appearance and material value of the car, it is necessary to protect it in different ways. Paint protection films are a type of coating that is placed on the main color of the car and increases its strength and resistance against environmental factors. Car paint protection is used for several important reasons, the most important of which are the following.

  • – Maintaining the material value of the car due to the prevention of scratches and fading of the body.
  • – Reduction of car maintenance costs and no need for continuous washing and use of car wash services.
  • – The possibility of changing the color of the car body without smoothing and repainting in the shortest time, while maintaining the original color of the car.

The factors threatening car paint can be divided into two general groups, chemical and physical, and accordingly, the method of dealing with them is different. In general, the following options can be mentioned among the most important threats to car color:

UV and Ultraviolet Rays Emitted from Sunlight

As a result of sunlight for a long time, ultraviolet rays hit the surface of the body and cause a lot of heat to be produced. Overheating of the paint over time leads to its color change and flaking, and the so-called car smell gets sunburned.

Acid Rains

In large and industrial cities where there is air pollution, acid rains are one of the most important gifts for car paint. Chemicals and acids present in this type of rain lead to serious damage to the paint, and their effect can be reduced with most types of car body protectors.

Bird Droppings

It is enough to park the car under the trees for a few minutes so that the surface of the car body is contaminated with bird droppings. At first glance, these wastes may be simple pollution, but you need to know that they are acidic.

Tree Sap

The long-term presence of tree sap on the surface of the car body changes its color. For this reason, they should be cleaned immediately.


We have provided you with the advantages of car paint protection. The answer depends on your needs and preferences. If you think it can provide the best protection for your car, get it done by ZIEBART UAE to ensure that you will enjoy your car’s beautiful appearance for a long time.