Decluttering and Deep Cleaning: The Perfect Duo for a Fresh Start

If you want to clean the house comprehensively, it is recommended to use a grid plan to start. For example, you can start in the center of the house and move outwards, finishing in each room and moving on to the next. Also, it can be helpful to start with the areas that need cleaning based on how cluttered and dirty they are. In general, you can start with the part that you think needs the most attention or the part that you think is the easiest and gradually move on to other parts. Here are some steps to choosing a professional deep cleaning Dubai company like Judux for your house in order from top to bottom:

Start from the Roof

The first step to clean the house is to start from the roof. Using a vacuum cleaner and cleaning cloth, clean the wall from various elements such as spider webs, dust, and contaminated materials.

Windows and Doors

After the roof, move on to the windows and doors. Clean the windows inside and out, and clean the doors carefully.


After windows and doors, move on to walls. Using a cleaning cloth and washing solution, clean the walls from any stains and dirt.


After the walls, go to the ground. Using a vacuum cleaner and an old toothbrush, clean the floor of the house from dust and contaminated materials.

Furniture and Carpets

After the floor, move on to furniture and carpets. Using a vacuum cleaner and an old toothbrush, clean the furniture and carpets of any dust and dirt.


The kitchen is one of the most trafficked areas. To clean it, use special detergents and clean the kitchen surfaces carefully.


The bathroom is also one of the parts that need to be cleaned due to high traffic. Clean your bathroom using special detergents and microfiber towels.


Finally, go to the bedroom and thoroughly wash the bed and clothes. Also, use an old toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt from the bedroom.

In Conclusion

In general, to clean the house, it is better to proceed from top to bottom and in the order of the mentioned steps. Of course, if a certain part of your house needs cleaning due to heavy dirt, you can skip the top-to-bottom order and go to that section. for more information Visit for more information.