Amino Acids: The Building Block of Protein Explained

If we want to examine the structure of amino acids, we will find that amino acids have building blocks that are broken down after entering the body and are converted into new proteins according to the needs of the body. From this point of view, amino acids can be considered similar to the units and components of our old house-building game, as we used to build different structures and enjoyed using these bricks in our childhood and with regard to our creativity. body According to the patterns he draws, he uses amino acids in different proportions and formulas and makes the various proteins he needs. Nowadays, Amino Acids & BCAA – UAE from Avitazen has gained many fans, that’s why it is necessary to read this article to get the required information.

First, we review the advantages of these products. This series of supplements contain components that make proteins! If for any reason you do not have access to food during the day, you can easily meet the needs of your body at least for protein and amino acids by using these products.

Amino Acids are Better Than Food

In some hours of the day, you have an urgent need to get acceptable amounts of amino acids into your body from your sports life, and it is obvious that access to quality food at this time, like a sensitive meal after exercise, is not easily available and easily You can meet your body’s needs well by using these types of supplements before your body starts to break down the proteins in your muscles!

Amino Acids and Body Health

In some hours, especially when you have gone through very intense training, it is important to meet the needs of the body, and any delay in delivering nutrients to the tissues of the training will lead to the emergence and aggravation of the destructive phenomenon of catabolism, which is practically impossible through food. And natural foods can be effective, and in this meal, you can use amino acids that are produced in the form of supplements and enter the blood through the digestive system much faster than food and reach the target tissues

Last Word

Today, various brands are producing sports supplements. You can visit the AvitaZen store to find out about the latest and highest-quality supplements.