What is the best non slip shoe brand?

Best Non Slip Work Shoes

show the magic until the first day of your first job in the restaurant. You are excited, nervous, and ready to meet and work with the rest of the team. However, there is only one problem: instead of comfortable work shoes, you will show off in sandals, which is inadvertently contrary to the first rule of the restaurant: never wear shoes with an open toe. Shoes for restaurant staff are always closed-toe, comfortable, and non-slip.

While there are many options, one thing is certain: when you work in a restaurant and you are on your feet for many hours every day, the decision is not to despise how you treat your feet. Why anti-slip restaurant shoes are important
Anyone who works in restaurants can confirm that you will walk many miles and landmines in one frequent shift. You need shoes that can fulfill a dual-duty – to stand up to the elements and ensure your comfort – while doing physical tax work – cooking or serving all day and night.  Read  for more information

Best Non Slip Work Shoes

Here’s why it’s in your best interest to choose the most comfortable and non-slip restaurant shoes:

Hot spills and splatters


No matter how tense the ship goes when handling the restaurant, it is inevitable that you will fall to the floor. Pair those scattered lemon wedges, melted ice cubes, and stray grease on a server that balances food for four ducks and has a recipe for disaster.

A new study from Emory University found that catering workers “have a 60 percent higher accident rate than workers in other industries.” Non-slip footwear is non-negotiable for FOH and BOH employees. If you don’t have policies that require non-slip footwear for your employees, create one immediately. In addition to protecting your employees from harm, you will also protect your business.

Foot protection and injury prevention

If you have a fever that breaks through a dry warehouse or entrance to recover in the middle of a shift, quickly lose your grip and drop a heavy box or container at your feet. Another danger for BOH workers in hot grease and grease splashes.

Most people are aware of the dangers of cuts or burns to their hands, but falling food in the kitchen can also burn your feet and soles. To avoid having to travel to the hospital for a toe or third-degree burn, it is important to wear non-slip restaurant shoes that can withstand minimal impact.

Support Arch

The restaurant staff stands on their feet for many hours. One study found that servers take an average of 23,000 steps a day – that’s more than 10 miles! Livestrong.com says that for every mile we run, our feet have 200,000 to 300,000 pounds of stress. For these reasons, the support of the vault is important.

Anti-slip shoes that support the natural curve of our feet – unlike flat shoes such as flip-flops – can not only improve comfort during long shifts but can also prevent injuries. Ankle sprain, ankle sprain, and falling arches can be the result of strenuous activity without proper support.

14 best non-slip restaurant shoes

There are many enthusiastic opinions on the topic of where restaurant shoes go. This is a case where one size fits all is not ideal for everyone.

Here is a summary of the best restaurant staff we spoke to, from clogs to sneakers.

1) Danish clogs

Ask the restaurant staff for their favorite shoes and clogs, which will probably be at the top of the list. Nordic-inspired, US-based Denmark has loyal followers – and for good reason. They are the basis of many professionals not only in gastronomy but also in healthcare and retail. They offer great support, are small in length, and come in many different designs and styles. Thanks to these features, Danskos are not only good restaurant shoes but also good everyday shoes. Ann Dittrich, Dansko’s Creative Director, said, “More than 80 percent of our customers wear Denmark at work and beyond.” you are buying a model that does not slip.

Shop Danskos here.

2) Birkenstock Clogs

“I’m partial to the Birkenstock clog,” says Grace Lichaa, a 10-year veteran of the foodservice industry in Boston. They don’t have a “heel like Danskos, are super comfy, and you can also take out the insert and wash them in the dishwasher. The polyurethane is more protective than leather for hot water and grease, too.”

Grace reveals another important truth about restaurant shoes: they stink. The ability to clean the inserts is a huge perk, and Bon Appétit magazine agrees. Birkenstock London Hunter came first in the personnel survey to determine the best kitchen shoe, earning points for practicality, comfort, and style.

You can buy Birkenstock Chef & Kitchen shoes here.

3) Sanitas Klompen

Danskos-style Sanitas is another brand of clogs with a base for more fans. “I live and die in my Sanitas,” said Jessica Smith, manager of the Streetcar wine shop in Boston. “[They] have a more comfortable cut than hidden Denmark, so the foot doesn’t slip and lasts longer. My current couple is in their fourth year and – in addition to my dripping paint over them – still in great shape!

People who are prone to problems have identified Sanitas as their clear favorite. “When I was waiting at the tables, I was wearing college sneakers and it was squeezing my lumbar region. When I moved to Sanitas, I was back 1/2 inch! I wore them for over 10 years now. I also have wide legs, so fun to have opportunities in their size, ”said Leona Naiki, a baker, and cheese maker in Detroit.

Julia Hallman, manager of Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, also commented on the wonders Sanitas can do. “I have lower back problems, so I like the way Sanitas improves my position. The heels never wear out, so they’re just as good as when I first bought them. I’m five years old and I rap a lot!”

Buy Sanitas here.

4) Crocs Bistro

In 2007, Crocs took advantage of its popularity with catering staff by introducing its Bistro Clog primarily to culinary professionals.

The range leaves the porous design of the original Crocs and offers anti-slip treads, reinforced toes, and a characteristic feature that Crocs is famous for cleanability. Crocs can be sprayed, weighed, and scrubbed like no other shoe, which is a huge advantage for those who constantly ride on grease and dirt.

Buy Crocs Bistro here.

5) Angle

To avoid being beaten by the iconic hide and seek, sneakers can also be a safe and practical way to get you moving. Gregg Ciccone, a baker at a dessert bar (swah-Rey) in St. Petersburg, FL swore on Hoka’s running shoes because “they are extremely comfortable and useful.”

You can buy Hokas here.

Sneakers were also popular with Mackenzie Jacobs, a catering server at Four Seam Hospitality in Sutton, NE. “They allow for full movement of your feet and are very comfortable,” she says.