What Does The Paid Google Guaranteed Badge Mean For GMB?

Google Guaranteed Badge

As an “upgrade” to your Google My Business (GMB) profile, the search engine giant now provides the Google Guaranteed Badge certification – previously only open to companies advertising on its Local Services site.

The Google Guarantee is an established program that aims to improve trust by adding identification badges to local listings and providing refunds of up to $2,000 for clients receiving sub-par services.

Eligible businesses can now pay $50 a month to get a Google Guaranteed badge on their local listings and encourage more people in their area to recruit them trustfully. Local services are available only in the U.S. and Canada as things stand, but early success might see the network spread to other countries.

What is a Google Guaranteed Badge?

Google Guaranteed Badge

Suppose you have been utilizing Google Ads for your business or even regularly looking for local resources. In that case, you may even be familiar with the Guaranteed Badge-it’s the little green checkmark the appears to the left of a company’s name.

The Guaranteed Badge is available only to those businesses who already use Google Ads. Google Local Services accepts companies who apply and, after meeting those requirements (e.g., proving you are a licensed contractor in certain areas), the company is assured to Google. It ensures that Google will compensate them if a customer is unsatisfied with the service offered (2,000 CAD in Canada and up to 2,000 USD in the U.S., per lifetime).

The business has arisen due to a fraud involving “locksmiths” who advertise their services on Google. In essence, if anyone could not get into their house, they would contact a search engine enabled locksmith. This call would be re-routed abroad, and somebody with a drill bit would be sent to break the doorknob of the homeowner and then demand scandalous fees!

How The Google Guarantee Benefits Your Business:

How The Google Guarantee Benefits Your Business

Until the recent announcement by Google on updated Google My Business profiles and the extension of its Google Guarantee to organic search, companies invested in Local Services ads earned the Google Guarantee and continue to benefit from it in many ways:

• Optimized marketing costs – While PPC ads can cost you thousands of dollars a month to pay for website visits (which results in you paying a high cost per lead), local service advertisements usually come in at the expense of $20-50 per charge.

• Added consumer faith – consumers seeing the Google Guarantee instantly know that you’re a well-established company … not a one-person shop called “Chuck in a Truck.”

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• Increased leads and sales – The top of Google’s search results means that more users are clicking on your ads and contacting your business.

• Increased exposure of the search – Local Services ads position your business at the top of Google search results.

The Importance Of GMB For Your Business:

Importance Of GMB

A GMB page helps your local search company rank. It allows you to connect directly with consumers, humanizing your brand while also ensuring that you can assist quickly with any issues or concerns they may have.

GMB listings allow you to insert a range of relevant details on Google Maps, from a contact number to hours of operation and exact location—all items That can make or break the customer’s decision to use you, as opposed to your competitors. Given that this service is free and easy to use, there’s no reason not to use Google My Business to boost local search results.

What Do The Guaranteed Badges Mean For GMB?

Guaranteed Badges

As it is so essential to maintain a GMB page to do well in local search, any improvements Google makes to that service are significant.

The promised badge will make a difference for businesses using Google Ads – it says something about Google’s trust in a company when they’re able to refund dissatisfied customers – so why shouldn’t it make a difference to Google My Company, too?

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So, yes, to answer the above question, we as experts agree that guaranteed badges will be relatively relevant for Google My Business in the future. This move is a big deal and something that you should pay attention to if you want to continue to rank well in local searching.

We assume that most local businesses that have a GMB – which, by the way, would be all local businesses – should have this guaranteed badge too. Only one or two local companies will have it, and the market will adapt, as more consumers are drawn to them and away from the market. In turn, peer pressure (or consumer pressure, if you like) takes over.

So, failing to have one of these promised badges will make consumers suspicious and push them away from the business.

Summing It Up:

Summing It Up

Overall, we’re excited about the potential of this new Google Guaranteed Badge for GMB. It is certainly something that you should keep your eyes on and consider investing heavily in, particularly before its novelty has worn off.

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We’ll only learn more until it formally rolls out. When you want to do well in local search results, you want it to be something your GMB won’t be able to go without.