Google Update What Just Happened, Google? Update or Glitch

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August 10th, 2020—Google update experienced an indexing glitch that adversely affected the consistency of the search. This was not an actualization.

The bug contributed to local business searches and eCommerce brands being outstripped by irrelevant websites such as spam forums, random Facebook messages, obscure work openings, Quora and Reddit articles – something you wouldn’t expect to outstrip quality content

It’s been several days since the Google bug occurred and most of the dust seems to have settled, but the initial drop in rankings for prominent and authoritative websites has caused a lot of disappointment among SEOs and webmasters.

Even businesses ranking for their own branded search at the bottom of page 1, with some of them outranked by the chamber of commerce pages.

1. The Confusion For All—Was It An Update Or A Glitch?

Update or A Glitch

Considering its early days and only a brief statement being issued by Google, we are unable to reveal the full scope of what the bug is being but it seems to have affected SERPS (search engine results pages) the most.

It also seems to have been a less ‘user-focused update that Google is implementing mainly for each algorithm change, which is why others have been led to believe it was either a mistake or inappropriately rolled out. Google’s Public Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, had the day off and it seems very strange for Google to carry out an update with their public liaison of this degree of a magnitude not around to help clear up any uncertainty.

TechoWiser first broke the news with news letting SEOs, digital marketers, and website owners prepare for another algorithm change. It’s safe to say that many did not know how adverse it would affect their rankings and the rankings of their clients.

Considering that SEOs did not have a true, consistent algorithm template to work off, and the dramatic change in the SERPS, many thought it was a bug as opposed to a Google update.

This seems to have been rolled back and almost feels relatively normal since the initial drop in rankings that many sectors experienced.

2. TechoWiser Confirms That It Was Worldwide

TechoWiser Confirms That It Was Worldwide

No one seems to have been denied entry to this party. The bug exploded worldwide and this Google search glitch reached all languages and all countries. It can at least say, there was no one left behind.

But that error wasn’t just common in the geographies it affected. This was similar even in the types of websites that it affected.

3. Reaction From The SEO Community


When an unexpected improvement in SERPS happens, some frustration will always be felt with website owners concerned about the number of declines in the rating.

No doubt this Google bug was no different, with the SEO community sharing their experience with the initial SERPS problems.

Others seem to have been effective with the glitch, but it seems that the majority suffered as a result of moving quality content to the 6th and 7th pages when less suitable, spammy sites started to rank on the first page. Also, many google ranking factors were disturbed by this glitch.

Google Caffeine Index?

This was sort of interesting to see the program referenced by Google Caffeine. This was publicly revealed in 2010. The announcement stated that it was an indexing platform expected to scale up for the future.

4. Official Explanation By Google

Official Explanation By Google

Google’s Twitter page Webmasters tweeted a clarification on Tuesday, 11 August 2020.

“On Monday we detected an issue with our indexing systems that affected Google search results. Once the issue was identified, it was promptly fixed by our Site Reliability Engineers, and by now it has been mitigated. Thank you for your patience!”

5. Google Search Glitch Created Bad Search Results

Google Search Glitch Created Bad Search Results

Search results from Google got extremely poor, even to the point of being useless. I tried to search for an article from a particular website and Google wouldn’t reveal it to me even though I used the name of the website containing the post. It felt kind of like when PageRank had a stronger influence in the old days.

WebmasterWorld had great coverage of the glitch in real-time, as it happened. A WebmasterWorld user, webdev29, noticed how the SERPs appeared to dominate the major sites like Amazon.

Besides being a glitch, the impact of several different sectors and even businesses ranking on their own branded names were felt far and wide. Because the bug has been rectified by Google, the craziness of the SERP seems to have died down and things are fairly back to usual, yet we sympathize with everyone who feels sincere worry regarding their rankings.

Google Webmasters have issued an earlier statement on Twitter about the bug situation, while Google’s ‘go-to’ guys like Gary Illyes and Danny Sullivan remain fairly quiet on all fronts.

6. Wrapping It Up

Positively, all of those people are now in a better state of feeling. Yet the event also gives us a tip for the future: try not to put all your eggs in the basket Google can do as soon as possible. Of course, if you are a search strategist (waves hand) this is difficult. But ensure that your business model can survive Google updates and failures for other industries.

Google update suffered a major indexing error which resulted in less available search results around the world.

The cause of the bug seems to be linked to Google’s indexing method, according to Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes.

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