Now That The Structured Data Testing Tool Is Being Retired

Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured data is any Structured Data Testing Tool to interpret and retrieve information from a given system or purpose.

Google recently announced that its Rich Results Check now completely supports all features rich in Google Search results and is formally out of beta. With that news comes the long-awaited removal of the old structured data testing tool from the company, which will soon be out of operation.

The standardized data testing tool is still available, but then the experts at suggest using the Rich Results Review-right away, if not sooner.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the novel and advanced Rich Results Testing tools that you can use to check the structured data you’ve applied to your website and make sure it does what it’s supposed to do – provide meaning for your website content.

Deprecated Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool

With the world’s largest search engine, it’s no doubt that Google is leading the initiative in using and suggesting schema markups and rich snippets.

In reality, Google has its tool to create schema markups and paste the code into your website, so it’s only logical to use their device to check. It’s insightful, quick, intuitive, and. It offers you a simple interface to use and a fast rundown of all the schema you see on the specific URL.

Google’s Rich Results Test Moves Out Of Beta 

Google Rich Results Test Moves Out Of Beta 

As Google’s Rich Results Test launched in 2017, only four forms of structured data were supported: work, recipes, movies, and courses.

Now that the Rich Results Framework has finally caught up with modern times, it helps publishers check a lot more effectively on more organized results.

Google emphasizes the following advantages of the rich test results over the standardized data review tool:

• It indicates what enhancements to the Search feature are appropriate for the markup you have

• It treats organized data markings dynamically charged more effectively

• Makes production for mobile and desktop versions

• Aligns entirely with the Search Console results

The opportunity to check either a whole URL of a page or an isolated code fragment is another feature of the rich products check that sets it apart.

Prominent Features Of Rich Results Test

Google’s rich results project has been implemented to check text samples, text cards, and other forms of ‘interesting’ objects that can be shown in search results. This offers a more accurate representation of how the search results display a website and the ability to check structured data within dynamically loaded content.

This method will check data sources like JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa. Any other forms of markup used on a page still needed Google’s structured data testing tool. The rich results tool has now caught up and can check for all markup forms and still supports Google’s search results. There’s much less need for site owners to use both devices, so at this point, it’s only prudent for Google to deprecate the older and less efficient tool.

Google will also provide a structured data review tool for a limited time to make the transition more straightforward for those who aren’t familiar with the rich results study. Nonetheless, if you use Google’s testing software in your workflow regularly, you will feel like second nature to get used to the rich test results.

Why SEO Community Should Switch To Google’s Rich Results Test

SEO Community

As mentioned earlier, The Rich Result is a perfect tool as it has the potential to support various forms of structured data such as recipes, films, jobs, and courses. But Google’s structured testing tool endorses some structured data, but now it is discontinued by Google. Therefore, Google suggests using rich results to check all forms of markups that also support Google’s search results.

 Google is also providing the structured data review tool for a limited time to make the transition easier. So, don’t get worried; familiarize yourself with the rich results over the period Google is providing.


Could you use the Structured Data Testing Tool?

Structured Data Testing Tool

Sure, but it’s not clear how long it will last. Google has confirmed that “it will still be available for now” and suggests that people use the latest Rich Results Test tool.

How does the Rich Results Test software work?

Rich Results Test software work

It operates exactly as the Structured Data Testing Tool does. Live URL or code snippet can be checked. But now, you can check smartphone or mobile bot with Google.

Could you alter or adjust the code in the Rich Results Test tool?

Rich Results Test tool

Hey and no. When you use the Rich Results Test tool to test a Live URL, you cannot modify the file. When you are checking the code separately, however, you can edit it and recheck it.

Is the Search Console connected to the Rich Results Test Tool?

Search Console connected

Hey. The Rich Results Test tool connects Google Search Console data to it. This means that the same rich results can be checked with the Rich Results tool when you see rich products in your search console reports.