Kingroot Apk Download Latest 5.4.0 Version for Andriod & Pc

Kingroot Apk Download

According to Wikipedia, approximately there are 2 billion active users of Android devices around the world. The reason behind this popularity for its flexible operating system and a vast app store (Play Store) with millions of android apps.

So, if you are an android user, then you heard this word called “Rooting”. If not, then let me explain to you.

What is Rooting Android?

In a simple answer, “Rooting Android phone” is a way to access the restricted functionality of your android devices which is locked by the android company. Android Rooting is similar to jail breaking, which means you can do whatever you want on your android phone or tablet.

For example, now you will be able to install all the unwanted or unauthorized apps in your phone, you can even replace any code in the framework of the OS. After all, you will be the god of your android phone, and you can keep and delete whatever you want as you have full access to the OS directory.

What is Kingroot?

Rooting Android is a very sensitive decision to take for a smartphone user. If your one-step move is wrong, then you might face the worst thing as a smartphone user.

But I would like to thank KingRoot the best root tool which allows us to root our android phone without being a technical expert.

Not only it does Mobile Rooting, but also it analyzes phone vulnerability. If KingRoot finds your phone vulnerable then within one click you can fix this.

Note: Your android device version must be in between 4.2.2 to 5.1 to root your device by kingRoot. Also, you have to install the new or latest version of Kingroot.

KingRoot Apk Download :

Android authority personally does not like the mobile rooting system, as it is not suitable for user privacy. So, they banned the app from Google Play Store. So, you have to download the KingRoot apk file to root your mobile device.

Download the KingRoot Apk

Why Should you use KingRoot?

If you are an explorer who always loves to experiment with different devices, then you should have experience with mobile rooting. Let me tell you why you should use KingRoot:

  • KingRoot is a one-click solution for rooting android mobile and tablets.
  • The success rate of the app in rooting is 99.99%.
  • This app is trusted by thousands of users.
  • KingRoot is the number one android rooting app.
  • There is no need to use a PC or laptop to root the mobile or tablet.

How to install KingRoot Apk?

Maximum android users are very used to installing apps from the play store or mobile company’s app store. But, installing an apk file is much easier than installing apps from the play store. Just click on the apk file then it will ask you some access, give it correctly. It will be installed.

kingroot apk download

How to root an android phone by KingRoot?

The root process is very easy to do. Open the Kingroot app and press the big blue button to start the process of rooting. Just wait a few minutes, and now your device is rooted.

Why Shouldn’t You Root Your Phone?

Before telling why you shouldn’t root your phone, let me ask you “why Android does not want its users to root their phones”. The answer is, the world’s most valuable thing is privacy.

So, like all the giant companies like Google’s Android, Apple doesn’t want their user’s confidential information to be leaked. So, they make their operating system’s privacy much tight. So that the hackers cannot access the user’s private information.

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Kingroot for PC:

Don’t worry if you are comfortable with using PC software. KingRoot has both PC and mobile versions. The PC version also does the same thing, which you can do by mobile king root App. But still, the English version of KingRoot is not available yet.

The only Chinese version is available to download KingRoot for PC. So, you might face a little bit of difficulty to understand the Chinese language.

But still, I don’t think it will be trouble for you; there will be one blue button in the app, so you have to connect your android phone with your PC. Then tap on the blue dial button of the KingRoot Pc version, after a few moments your phone would be rooted.

Though KingRoot you cannot root all the android devices. For example, Google Pixel is a more secure phone as they are the owner of the operating system. So, it’s apparent that they will be providing the best safe phone among all the android devices. So, if you are a Google Pixel phone owner, then KingRoot may not be work for you.

How to Download and Install KingRoot for PC:

There are lots of links you will find when you search on Google, but all the websites are not authentic providers of PC versions. So to download the KingRoot PC version


And KingRoot installation is straightforward as other general software. Just download the software and double click the file, press a few times next, and then finish. Then Launch the PC version.

Advantages of Rooting Your Phone:

Improve Mobile Performance:

When you buy your android phone, the phone used to have some auto-installed phone company’s apps. Some are necessary; some are not. After rooting the device, you will be able to delete all the unnecessary apps and files. That will be helpful to save more RAM and ROM uses. As a result, your phone will perform better than before.

Extend Battery Life:

Either you are using your phone are not, your phone’s apps & some functions are continuously refreshing in the background all day long until you turned it off entirely. So, it causes the draining of your battery charge and battery life.

By using modules like amplify and greenify, you can extend your battery performance and life. These modules detect the apps which are using the GPU and CPU, and then it forces them to stop them from improving battery life and efficiency. These apps only work on those phones which are rooted by the Kingroot app.

Prevent Ads on Your Device:

Nobody loves to see ads when they are using any type of game or other apps. But developers inject ads so that they can make money through these ads. But it is too annoying when the ads pop up on your screen. By rooting the phone, you can stop them from the popup.

Disadvantages of Rooted Phone:

No warranty:

Most of the established companies provide an official warranty with their manufactured phone. So, their customers can get after-sales support if they face any problem with their phone.

But, If you root your android device then, you will not get the warranty service. It means whatever happened to your phone; the phone company is not responsible for fixing your issues. You have to spend money to solve all the problems you might be faced with your phone.

Risk of Hardware Problem:

Android authority made their OS in the way to allow installation to those apps which are not harmful to your phone. But, after phone rooting the OS, the phone does not have any control to prevent the installation of dangerous and heavy mobile apps which can create pressure for your mobile processor and GPU. So, there is a chance to get overheated, and your phone can stop working.

High Risk of Virus and Vulnerability:

Day by day uses of mobile replacing most of the PC and Laptop works. As mobile is so handy, we prefer to do our daily activities as like, using social media, payments of utility, banking service and a lot more. So, now the hackers are targeting mobile to hack your social media account and your private information.

As a result, they blackmail the phone owner with the hacked information, even sometimes they lick your private picture and video on social media. So, getting protection from hackers is so essential.

Though the android system gives some protections from affecting by viruses if you root your mobile, then all the encryption of the android system becomes decrypted. So, you will not get any protection from the attack of the virus.

Android Update Problems:

Android authority brings some updates every month to improve the user experience. But due to the phone rooting you may not get the important android updates. Sometimes you may get notified to update the framework, but it may not be installed because of the system modification.

Wrapping up, sometimes it great to think out of the box. Phone rooting is useful if you have some kinds of technical knowledge but, if you are a beginner, then my suggestions to you, to not root your phone. Before rooting the phone read the risks of it then decide whether you will root the phone or not.

If you tried before or want to try mobile rooting, then please share your experience with us.