How to uninstall mcAfee?


In this article, we will tell you about; How to uninstall McAfee? If you are looking forward to uninstalling your mcAfee application, then you will have to know how to do that. For that purpose, we are here to help you with this article. If you need any assistance in getting rid of mcAfee from your system, then this article will surely help you solve your problem. Let’s talk about the “mcAfee” application.

What is mcAfee?

mcAfee is an American computer security company. It was bought by intel in 2011 and it became a part of intel security division. mcAfee is an anti virus and as you can understand by that, it is used in computer systems to eradicate any kind of malware components and viruses and to make the computer system faster and more secure. It is one of the most famous and effective anti viruses in computer systems. 

What is mcAfee

Why mcAfee?

mcAfee is ranked amongst the best antiviruses of the world. To be more precise, mcAfee is ranked 3rd of all antiviruses, which is really good right? mcAfee gives you so many advantages for the benefits of your computer system. mcAfee total protection gives us many advanced features from safe browsing to permanently deleting malware content. It scans all the files in your system, finds the malware and gives you an alert, you have the choice to delete or ignore it. It also includes :

  1. PC performance optimization.
  2. Encrypted storage (128- bit encryption)
  3. Home network security
  4. Password manager
  5. Multi – device compatibility 

mcAfee having so many good features will make you wonder: Why would someone want to delete this? Let’s find out.

Why do people want to get rid of mcAfee?

With so many pros, there come so many cons too. mcAfee might have good features, but are they good enough? Let’s see. Most of the features you saw in the upper section are not even that good, some other anti viruses provide us with better features than that.

Sometimes mcAfee fails to identify even the smallest stuff which leads to a virus in the computer. One of it’s biggest disadvantages is that it takes a lot of computer memory and eventually makes the system slower rather than making it faster. The more you use mcAfee, the more space it takes and makes the system slower. And mcAfee sometimes locks up in the  system and even after uninstallation, it does not get removed from the system. So we would not be surprised if you wanted to delete your mcAfee antivirus, instead we will show you how to delete it.

How to delete mcAfee?

If you want mcAfee removed from your system, this step by step guide will surely help you.

There are two ways in which you can delete mcAfee from your system. Let’s talk about the first one.

By using Uninstall a program 

Windows let you delete applications with the “uninstall a program feature”. You can uninstall McAfee using that feature.

  1. Press the windows key of your keyboard. Write “ Control Panel” in the dialog box down below.

2. Press “Enter”.

3. Open control panel.

4. Select “programs” category out of all categories.

Uninstall a program

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5. Go to “uninstall or change a program”.

Uninstall a program

5. Type “M” on your keyboard and find mcAfee application.

7. After finding it, right click on your mouse and select the only option “ Uninstall”.

8. mcAfee will be uninstalled.

Delete mcAfee using mcAfee consumer product removal tool (MCPR)

mcAfee provides its users with MCPR tool to uninstall mcAfee from your system. In order to do that:

  1. Open mcAfee consumer support on your browser.

2. In the search bar, write “ How to Uninstall mcAfee family protection”.

3. Click on any of the resulting links.

4. It will display a screen of solution, choose the “ mcAfee consumer product removal tool”.

5. Download and install the tool. As the tool takes a little bit of memory, it will take a couple of seconds to install.

6. Open the installation package . Agree to all terms and conditions and press continue.

7. mcAfee security validation box will appear, It appears to resist any robotic behavior as it changes the code every time.

8. Type in the code without any mistake.

9. After security confirmation  is successful, click “next”.

10. The mcAfee consumer product removal tool will start to uninstall all mcAfee related apps, programs and files. It will take some time, The uninstallation will stop when the tool will say “ Removal complete”.

11. Now go to >> Windows >> Control Panel >> Programs >> Uninstall or change a program.

12. Then type “M” to see if there is any McAfee or mcAfee related app available or not, If there is, then removal was not successful so do all the process again and if there is no app available, then it means that removal was successful.

13. The tool will require a restart after the uninstallation. Restart your system. McAfee will be removed from it.

Two ways of uninstalling mcAfee were explained in the upper section, we hope you understood all of it and will find it easy to remove mcAfee from your system. If you have any other questions, you can ask us without any hesitation. 

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