How to turn off sticky keys | What are the uses of sticky keys?

turn off sticky keys

Turning on sticky keys accidentally is a mistake we all have made somehow. If you have made this mistake then do not worry, we all make mistakes. But we should know how to fix our mistakes. So in this article, we will show you how to turn off sticky keys if you accidentally or even on purpose turned it on. So let’s first talk about sticky keys. What are they? and What is their purpose?

What are sticky keys?

Sticky keys are a feature of Windows which is used by users who for some reason can not or do not want to press two buttons together to do a task. For example, we use alt + F4 to shut down our PC. If we want to do it in a single key, then we use sticky keys. They have the advantage that you can use only one key to do a task. You do not have to press two or three keys for one purpose. Their icon looks like white boxes. It can help users with physical impairments, who have trouble pressing two buttons at a time.

How do sticky keys turn on?

We all have made the mistake of turning on sticky keys, but mostly we have not been able to find the reason for turning it on. We do not mostly know how we turn them on accidentally. This mostly happens when we are playing a game and we accidentally see a message displayed on our screen saying “ Sticky keys are turned on ”. This has made us all go mad. They turn on when you press shift five times in a row. We accidentally make this mistake all the time. If you are also mad about it, then do not worry we are here to help you cool down by turning them off. “Turn off sticky keys”

How do sticky keys turn on

Why do we have to turn Sticky keys off?

It makes all the buttons of the keyboard function in a different way. As shift and alt buttons are always active when sticky keys are turned on. We can not do our normal stuff. It has the advantage of having to use only one key to do different functions, but it also has a disadvantage and it is that you can not perform a normal task as you did before. They give all the buttons a different and unique identity that we do not know, we find it difficult to work with them turned on. So you should know how to turn them off. There are two ways in which you can turn them off Wikipedia.

Using two keys:

The easiest and quickest way of turning sticky keys off is by using the “two keys” method. In this method, we use any two keys from the keyboard and press them together at once to turn the sticky keys off. This process mostly solves the problem and you do not suffer from sticky keys. If this method makes the sticky keys turn off, then you are good to use your PC in a normal way, but if it does not fix the problem, then you can use the second method.

Using Ease of Access:

The second method of turning the sticky notes off is by using the “Ease of Access” method. This process works 100% correctly. It is an easy method too so you do not have to worry. All you have to do is to follow our instructions. Remember that these methods are for all versions of Windows 10.

Using Ease of Access 

Step 1 

Turn on the sticky keys. You can do it by pressing shift 5 times in a row. Remember that you can not undo sticky notes by pressing sticky keys 5 times in a row again. This is why it is a major problem for some users.

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Step 2 

Go to the windows bar by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard or by clicking on the window icon on the bottom left of the window 10 screens.

Step 3

Go to the settings option. If you do not see the option, then go to the search bar and write Settings and then click on it.

search bar and write Settings

Step 4

Go to the Ease of Access option and click on it. This will open another series of options.

Ease of Access option and click

Step 5 

Scroll down to see the keyboard option. Click on it. You will see the Sticky keys option. Turn that off by using the mouse and It will be turned off.

Scroll down to see the keyboard option

In this article, we showed you how to turn off the sticky keys. It is a general problem for all computer users and most people do not know how to turn off that function, so that is why we gave you the step-by-step guide to turn them off. If you have any other questions or if you want to say anything about the article, then you can share your point of view with us in the comment section. Tell us how you turned on sticky notes on your computer. We will see who has the best story and if you find this blog informative please give it a thumbs up.

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