How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?

transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

In this article, we will tell you; How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? If you are going to change your platform from Android to iOS, and you want to move all of your contacts in your iPhone, and you do not know how? Do not worry! You are at the right place. In this article, you will get to know all the processes you need to do to share contacts from your android to iPhone. iPhones always catch the attention of people because of their shape, style and cool features. So it is ordinary if people switch from Android to iPhone.

Before telling you the process for How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? You should know a little about Android and iOS.

About Android and iOS:

Android and iOS phones have been ruling the electronic world for quite a time now. Android and iOS are both mobile operating systems. As both of them are better in their own ways, we can not predict which one is better than the other. Android is a modified version of the Linux kernel which was released primarily for smartphones, whereas iOS was released by Apple in 2007 which is competing with Android ever since. Apple and Android are both different platforms, so we need a medium to send contacts from android to iPhone.

How to import contacts from Android to iPhone?

As we said earlier, Androids and iPhones are both different platforms, So we can not just share contacts so straightforwardly. So we have to use different means to do that. But do not worry, there are many and easy ways by which you can send contacts from android to iPhone. Let us inform you about all the things you need to know to copy your contacts from android to iPhone.

“Move to iOS” App:

iOS gives us a complete app to do the procedure. The app “Move to iOS” is available on Google Play Store as well as App Store. This app is so good for sharing your contacts, pictures, apps and other files as well, although this app got so much hatred at the first when it got released. You can know this from the reviews. But this app does what it is supposed to do, so you are good to use this app without any hesitation.

Move to iOS App

How to use Move to iOS?

Move iOS is easy to use the app but if you do not know how to use it, then do not worry, we got you. Let’s talk about how you can use iOS to transfer contacts from your android phone to iOS.

Step 1

Download the “iOS” app on both of your Android and iOS devices. For Android users, they can use Google Play Store and for iOS users, they can use the App Store.

Step 2

On your iOS phone, open the “Move to iOS” app. Then at the “App and data” screen, click “Move data from

Android”. Then open the “Move to iOS” app on your android and agree to all terms and conditions, and then press “Continue”.

Move to iOS

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Step 3

You will see a code on your iOS app and an “Enter code” Title on your android. Copy and paste the code shown on the iOS screen. It will connect to your phones.

Enter code

Step 4

Select the type of data you want to share. We want to share our contacts, so we will choose the “contacts” option. Then press “next” which is in the top right corner of your screen. Contacts will be transferred in some time.

Contacts will be transferred

How to copy contacts from Android to iPhone using Google?

Google always gives us an easy and reliable way of doing stuff on our smartphones, So YES! Google also provides us with the opportunity to copy contacts from Android to iPhone. Let’s talk about the procedure with which you can easily share contacts with an iPhone.

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Step 1

Step 1 is the most important process we need to do in this procedure. As we all make our google accounts on our smartphones, we might as well sync it. Syncing is a great method to secure your data even if it is deleted from storage. Google gives us the sync account option with which you can save your data and use it whenever you want. On your Android device, Go to >> Settings >> Accounts and backup >> Accounts . Here you have to look at your Google account and sync it. 

Accounts and backup

Step 2

After that, go to your iPhone and open >> Settings >> Accounts and Passwords. Enter your Gmail account with which you have synced all your data. Make sure you enable contacts. Also, make sure to have a good internet connection. After a while, you will notice that all your contacts have been copied into your iPhone device successfully. 

We hope you found this article about; How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? informative and helping. If you have any other queries, then you can ask us, we would love to help you with that and If you find this article informative please give us alike.

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