How to sync a ps4 controller?

ps4 controller

In this article, we will tell you about; How to sync a ps4 controller? Because If you happen to find problems while connecting your controller to your ps4, then you are at the right place because we have just the right solution for you. In this article, we will talk about ps4, its controller, and much more ps4 related stuff.

About PS4:

PS stands for “PlayStation”. It is a gaming console that was released by “Sony Computer Entertainment”.

PlayStation is so famous around the world, as it is so addictive. Children, adults, men, women, and people of all sorts of ages tend to love PlayStation. It gives you the most amazing games to play. There are also other improved ps4 consoles such as ps4 pro, ps4 pro slim. 

About PS4

Ps4 controller:

The “dual shock 4” is the official controller of the ps4. Its design is similar to previous Dual-Shock designs but it comes with a better experience and with additional features. It comes with a touchpad as an upgrade. Ps4 comes with one controller. The PS4 controller is similar to the Xbox 360’s controller as it has a concave cap for analogue sticks. It has a “share” and an “option” button which replaces the “start” and “select” buttons. 

PS4 is an amazing game-playing console and it has various cool games you can find out and play. So if you want to buy a PS4 or if you want to know more about PS4, you can go to PlayStation. Tell us which way you would prefer syncing your controller. You can tell us in the comment section.

Ps4 controller

How do I sync my PS4 controller wirelessly?

PS4 provides you with a wireless controller that has a USB connector plug too. The PS4 controller has a “connect via Bluetooth” function which allows it to sync with the screen, so we can play without any problem. But sometimes new users do not know how to sync a new ps4 controller, So do not worry we have the perfect solution for you. Let’s get into knowing how you can sync your ps4 controller to the ps4.

How to connect a PS4 controller with a cable? 

So, the first way of syncing a ps4 controller is by using a USB cable. The process is easy and less time taking. You just have to get an ordinary USB cable and connect its one end to the controller and one to the console. When you connect the USB cable to both devices, you will see a colour based on the two given colours by PlayStation. “Red” and “Blue”. If your controller is giving out one of these lights, it means that you are connected to the ps4 and you are good to go.

PS4 controller with a cable

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How to sync a ps4 controller without a cable?

The PlayStation gives your controller the “connect via Bluetooth” option to connect to your ps4 and start gaming, but many of the users do not know how to sync the controller, So here we will show you step by step: How to sync a ps4 controller without a cable? 

Step 1

Turn on your gaming console.

Step 2

Grab your ps4 controller and hold down the “share” and “ PlayStation” buttons. You will notice the controller light will start to blink. Now ps4 made the controllers in a way that when they start to blink, it means they are finding a device to connect to, so when they find a device, they connect and the light stops blinking and gets stuck. It means that your controller has been connected to the console. This process takes some time though.

Step 3

Have fun.

Which syncing way is better?

We have seen two ways to connect your controller in this article. But which one is better? Which one will take less time than the other? Let’s discuss.

The ”connect via Bluetooth” way is a cooler way of syncing your controller as you can sit without any problem of wire being entangled in your legs and any other problem like you do not have to worry about the cable’s length. But there are cons of this method too. For example: Sometimes the controller fails to find a device to connect to, or sometimes if you have more than one controller in the house, it might connect to the wrong one. And sometimes connecting takes too much time and your time gets wasted. 

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We do not want you to waste your time, So we say you can use a USB cable connection for syncing your PS4 controller. This is an easy way and does not even take any time to connect. You can just plug on your USB cable and start gaming. 

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