How to format SD cards | In Windows and Phone

sd card format

In this article we will tell you about; How to format SD cards? If you want to format your SD card and you are finding it difficult to do, then stop worrying, we have the most variety of solutions for you that will not just help you format your SD cards but also renew a corrupted SD card. All types of ways to format an SD card will be explained in detail.

Why do you format your SD card?

Whenever you buy an SD card, you are not guaranteed to have it 100% working. So you have to format your new SD card so it deletes all the stuff in it if it has and all the viruses it has in itself. Most Camera users tend to buy SD cards for their photo shoots. If you are one of them, you should format your SD card before going on a shoot so you do not have the “ Not enough memory “ message displayed on your camera. Sometimes your SD card gets corrupted or half filled, so you should format your sd card. Now, let’s get to know : How to format an SD card.

How to format your Memory card?

Before going to know the process, we would highly recommend you to move or copy files from your SD card to another device if you have them, because once you format your SD card, There is no going back. You will never get those files back. They will be removed forever. But if you have a new SD card then you do not have to move anything. You just have to know the process of formatting an SD card.

How to format SD cards using an android phone:

For formatting SD card using your android device follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Scroll down to find the “Device care” option and click it.
  3. From the list, choose “Storage” and click on SD card.
  4. It will have a “format SD card” option. Tap on it and confirm formatting. 
  5. SD card will be formatted successfully.

How to format SD cards from Windows:

One of many other ways to format an SD card is using Windows. For that purpose, you are supposed to have an SD card reader, a computer system and our guidance. To format your SD card:

  1. Connect your card reader to your system. The system will show a message of a new device.
  2. Open  “ My computer “ from the desktop . If you do not have the “ My computer” icon on your computer, then you can go to search brand type “ My computer”. 
  3. In “My computer”, you will see all the hard disk drives and removable drives. Find your SD card in the removable drives section.
  4. Right click on your SD card.
  5. Choose “Format” from the list.
  6. It will give you options to choose which type of formatting you want. Choose Fat32 if you want to save files which have an individual memory of less than 4GB, or you can choose exFat for storing files larger than 4GB. We recommend you to use exFat because you can store large files on your SD card by using this.
  7. Click on “Start”. Formatting will start and will be completed in some time. All of the files will be deleted in this process.

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How to format SD cards using CMD?

This is the best way of formatting an SD card. If you have a “ write protected ” SD card, or Corrupted SD card or have any problem being formatted, then you 

should use this format method. In order to do this process:

  1. Plug the card reader containing your SD card into your computer system.
  2. Type “cmd” in the search box of your Windows 10 system, the best match will be “Command prompt
  3. Run as administrator. A black screen will pop-up.
  4. cmd
  5. Type “ disk part” in the tab and press “Enter”.
  6. Type “ list disk” and press “Enter” to view all the disk drives on your system.
  7. See what number disk does your SD card have, For example : disk2.
  8. Type “select disk” + disk number of your SD card and press “Enter”.
  9. Type “list volume” and press “Enter”.
  10. Type “ select volume” + volume number of your SD card and press “Enter”.
  11. Type “ format fs = exFat “ and press “Enter”.
  12. Your SD card will be formatted and will be free from any Write protected or Corrupt files issues.

Difference between Deletion and Formatting:

People always ask, Is deleting files and formatting the same thing? Let us guide you! Deleting and formatting are two different things. You can only delete the visible files on your SD card. It will ignore any other non-visible files and will not even delete the corrupt files. To stay away from this situation, always format your SD card as it deletes all visible and no visible corrupt files and saves your SD card any data loss afterwards. It also cleans up more space than the deletion method so formatting is always a better option.

So we hope you got everything about; How to format SD cards? We hope you were well informed by our step by step guide. We will always try our best to help you if you have any questions about this topic feel free to ask us in the comment section. Tell us which formatting process you will prefer. We would love to hear your opinion. You can format your SD card on Mac using this link How to format SD card using Mac.

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