How to delete Apps on Apple TV


In this article, we will tell you how to delete apps on Apple TV. We will take a complete look at How to delete apps on Apple TV, The main reasons for deleting Apps on Apple TV, Which kind of Apps can you delete from your Apple TV and how can you hide Apps on Apple TV.  So let’s start with getting to know a little about Apple TV.

About Apple TV

About Apple TV

Apple TV is a streaming media player on which you can watch videos or listen to music and even play games. Apple TV’s come in two versions. The first one is Apple 4K TV and Apple TV HD. The newer versions of Apple TV’s let you download apps from the app store. This means you can customize your Apple TV according to your need, but with more space consumed, the TV system gets slower. So, you need to uninstall some apps for reviving the previous speed.

Reasons to Delete Apps on Apple TV

Mostly, we need to uninstall apple apps for two main reasons. One of it can be that the Apple TV is getting slower with more and more apps and maybe you do not need those apps anymore. So basically, they are unwanted apps and what better thing to do than to remove them.

If you want your unwanted apps removed from your Apple TV and you do not know how? Do not worry! We’ve got you. After reading this article, you will be able to easily remove your apps that are available on your Apple TV.

Which apps can you remove from your Apple TV?

Apple TV’s give you the permission to delete 3rd party apps only, which means you can only delete the apps that you have downloaded by yourself. If you try to delete the built-in apps, it will not be worth a try, because Apple does not allow you to delete those built-in apps. These apps are reserved by Apple and cannot be deleted. And there is another thing you would like to find about, which is that the older versions of Apple TV’s do not let you delete the 3rd party apps but only let you hide them. So if you have an older version of Apple TV, you will not be able to delete 3rd party apps but only hide them.

How do you delete an App from Apple TV? 

If you have an upgraded or new version of Apple TV, then you can easily delete the unwanted apps by following the instructions in this article. Let me show you how to delete an app from Apple TV.

  1. Power your Apple TV by using the remote.

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  1. On the home screen, use the remote SIRI to find the app you want to remove. The app will start to wiggle when you will bring the cursor on the app.

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  1. On your Siri based remote, you will find a play button which you will have to press.

How to delete Apps on Apple TV?

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  1. Press the play button which will open a dialogue box in front of your TV Screen.

How to delete Apps on Apple TV?

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  1. Press the slide tab on Siri remote when the “Delete” option is selected. Another dialogue box will appear to confirm the uninstallation.

How to delete Apps on Apple TV?

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  1. Confirm the uninstallation by choosing the delete option. And the App will be deleted successfully. 
  2. Now go to the home screen by using the home button on the remote. You will no longer find the app that you deleted.

 How to delete apps on your Apple TV by settings?

  1. Turn “ON” your TV.
  2. Go to >> home screen.
  3. Now Go to the “Settings” option and click on it.
  4. Go to the “General” setting.
  5. Open the “manage storage”.
  6. Scroll down to see which app you want to delete.
  7. After finding it, click on the icon next to the name of the app which will look like a recycle bin.
  8. Confirm “ delete”.
  9. Return to the home screen.

How to hide apps on your Apple TV?

Many users happen to have an older version of Apple TV, so they can not delete their apps, instead of removing app, Apple gives the opportunity to hide the apps. This happens on 3rd generation Apple tvs. In this article, we will also show you how to hide the apps.

  1. Turn >>on your Apple TV.
  2.  Use remote to go to the app that you want to hide.          
  3. Click on the >> Play button on the TV remote.
  4. You will see a dialogue box that will have a list of contents, find the >>hide option and click it.
  5. Confirm the process.
  6. Go to your home screen.

I hope you got everything there is to know about How we can delete Apps on Apple TV. Still, if you got any queries feel free to ask us in the comment section. If you liked this article please give a thumbs up.
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