How to change margins in google docs?

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In this article, we will tell you about; How to change margins in google docs? If you are using Google docs for making a document, writing a story or writing any other kind of text and you are supposed to change margins of the page and you do not know how to adjust margins in Google docs, then do not worry, we will help you do that. This article will show you all the ways with which you can easily change margins by choice. But before we tell you about; How to change margins in google docs? First, let’s talk about Google docs.

What are Google Docs?

Google docs is a totally free word processor offered by Google. It is a free web-based word processing program. Google docs are such a good editor. It has all the features a person needs for word processing and has the easiest tools for a person to work with. It also includes Google slides, Google drawings, Google sheets, Google forms and many more web-based programs. Google docs have all the qualities of an amazing word processor.

Google Docs

Why Google Docs?

Google docs are such an amazing platform on which you can do various different cool things. Google docs come with so many great features that support its advantages. Firstly, it has an autosave system, So if you accidentally close your browser, do not worry. Your docs will be auto-saved in your Google drive. You can just go into your Google drive and start from where you left it. Another great feature of Google docs is that you can share it online with any person you want and they can make changes too if you give them permission. And the cool thing is that whatever change they or you make after sharing, it will happen to both the persons. So both will have the same Google document. The other person and you can also add comments on the document, they can also comment by highlighting a special part of the document so the other person can understand everything easily. And that is a great feature Wikipedia.

How to edit margins in Google docs?

Adjusting margins is another cool way of making your text more creative and readable. Google docs give you this feature to set up margins. It is a very easy but very effective way and we are here to tell you: How to adjust margins in Google docs and make your text more effective. So there are two different ways to adjust margins. We will explain both of those ways for you in a detailed and easy to learn format so you can edit margins in Google Docs.

Using the ruler:

The first and more basic way of adjusting margins in Google docs is by using the ruler. This is done for basic margining but it is effective. In order to do that, you have to take your mouse cursor to the bottom of the toolbar. You will see numbers written on a horizontal line. This is the ruler of Google docs. On its left and right, you will see arrows pointing downwards. The left arrow tells us where the line will start and the right arrow tells us where it will end. If you want to change the text margin from the beginning, then go to the left arrow, when you will put your cursor on the arrow, the cursor will become a two arrow-shaped icon. Hold the left click of the mouse and drag the ruler to where you want the line to start. The text will align according to the ruler automatically. And if you want to change the ending of the line. Then you can go to the right arrow and drag it to whichever point you want.

change margins in google docs

Using Page setup:

Using the page setup method is like the upgraded version of using the ruler method. It is the more accurate and more decisive way of making a page margin. In order to do that, follow our instructions given below:

Open the files menu which is located on the very left of the toolbar. Scroll down to look at the “page setup” option and click on it. A new box will open. 

Using Page setup

Here you can edit your margins more accurately. How do they become so accurate? Because they take the margin space in a number of inches. So if you want a margin of a certain number of inches, then you can just write the number of inches and press ok to make that happen. The option also asks whether you want to apply this formation to the whole document or just the selected part. It is your choice. Till now you have learnt how to change margins from sides, but if you want to change margins from top or bottom, the page setup method will help you do that. There is a box displaying “Top” and “Bottom” margins. You can put the number of inches you want your margin to be and press ok to make that happen. 

Using the ruler

Google docs also give you the default page setups according to your needs. For example A default page size for a letter. You can choose any of these default page sizes for your work.

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We hope you found this article helpful and easy to understand. All the aspects of changing the margins were elaborated in the step by step guide. If you still have any questions, then you can surely ask us. We would love to help you.

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