How to Cancel a Disney Plus Subscription in a Few Minutes

Disney Plus

We all loved Disney from our childhood. We watched cartoons and movies with all of our interests. Disney gave us a website to watch all Disney shows on one platform which is named Disney Plus. You can have a subscription to the Disney shows to watch them, but if you want to cancel that subscription and you do not know how? then you can count on us. In this article, we will show you how you can cancel your Disney Plus subscription without any problems.

About Disney

Disney Plus is an on-demand video streaming service that was created by The Walt Disney Company. It is an ad-free video streaming service. You can watch all kinds of Disney-related shows on it. You have to own a subscription to the TV show in order to do that. The subscription is not free as you have to buy a subscription. Disney Plus’s subscription costs from 10USD to 12USD. You can either pay monthly or even yearly.


Why do people cancel Disney subscriptions?  

Disney subscriptions entertain us with a lot of funny, romantic, action, and many other types of shows. Everyone loves Disney. We all wanted to meet Mickey Mouse in our childhood or maybe still do. But what people do not like, is paying. In order to watch Disney shows, you have to pay for subscriptions, but people do not want to pay for that. Disney gives you a 7-day free trial and you can cancel it in between this period without getting charged. So what people mostly do is that they buy a free 7-day trial and cancel the subscription in order to not get charged. To cancel your Disney plus account, you have to know how to do it. We are here to guide you through this phase. So follow the instructions given below.

How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription?

First, let us give you a tip. Disney plus asks for your payment method and other billing details when you sign up for it. But it does not charge you for the first seven days. So, you can buy a Disney plus subscription and in between the first 7 days, you can cancel your subscription. And the best part is, that even if you cancel your subscription on your first day, you will still have access to your account for 7 days and you will not be charged for even a single show. This sounds cool, so let’s try to learn how you can cancel your Disney Plus subscription. We will show you the step by step procedure of doing that.

How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription?

Step 1   

Open your Disney Account. It is recommended to open your Disney account on your desktop as there might be some options not available on your smartphones. You can either open that on your browser or even the installed Disney Plus app. We leave that to you to choose from.

Step 2

See if you are logged into your account or not. If not, then log in to your Disney Plus account from the top right corner of the Disney Plus screen and provide all the wanted details they ask from you. Now, if the Disney Plus app is showing your ID profile on the top right corner, then it means that you are logged in to your account. If you want to know: How to make a Disney Plus account, then you can go to How to make a Disney Plus account?

Step 3

Open your profile and click on the “Account” option. This will open the details of your Disney Plus account. It will show which bundle you have subscribed to and which email and password you used for the account.

How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription?

Step 4

Find “Billing details” in the account and click on it. Another tab will open showing your billing details. It will show when you subscribed to the account and how much you have to pay for the subscription.

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Step 5

On the right, you will see an option named “ Cancel Subscription”, Click on it. A dialogue box will appear to confirm the cancellation process. We want to cancel it, so we will go on and confirm it. Your subscription will be canceled and Disney will ask your reason to cancel the subscription. Choose whichever option you want and press “Submit”. A “Thank you ” dialogue box will appear. Click on “Close and go home”.

Cancel Subscription


Now after canceling you will go to the Disney Plus home screen, you will still have access to your account if your 7-day free trial is remaining. They will not charge you for that so do not worry. You can freely use your Disney Plus account till the expiry date. The Disney Plus ID will automatically be logged out on the day of the end of the trial. 

We hope this article helped you cancel your Disney Plus subscription. We gave a detailed explanation about the process of cancellation so you do not get any issues while doing that. Which Disney Plus show do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section. We would love to hear your taste, If you have any other questions about this topic, then you can freely ask us and if you found this article informative please give us a thumbs up so that we can continue to make this kind of informative blog for you.

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