How to add audio to google slides?

add audio to google slides

In this article we will tell you about; How to add audio to google slides? If you are creating a google slide and you need help in adding audio in the Google slide, then we can surely help you do that. Previously, Google slides did not have the option of adding audio, but as the consumers wanted it, they released it in their new update. Now, some of you would want to know how to add the audio file in the google slides. So, we have shared a detailed process of explaining this procedure to you. Let’s first talk about Google slides.

What is Google slides?

Google slides is a presentation program introduced by Google for free. It is a part of free web-based document editors provided by Google. They include Google doc, Google sheets, Google forms, and many more services. Basically, they are used for presentation purposes and for making a document or other stuff. It is one of the best presentation-making software’s which are available for free.

Google Slides

Why do we insert audio files using Google slides?

If you are creating a document or a presentation or doing any other stuff on Google slides and you want to add an audio file to your slide, then we can surely help you. Adding a picture or a video on a Google slide makes your presentation more effective and beautiful and if you want to add some recording or any background music in the slides, then that would be cool too.

Adding audios in your Google slides will make your presentation look more elegant and it has an advantage as you can just add a recording of your presentation and when you have to present, then you can just play the recording so you do not have to speak every time. It will make things easier for you. And sometimes, you want to have background music with your slide, as some people like hearing music while giving a presentation. So, it is good to add music to Google slides. But: How can you add these audio files? We will show you a detailed explanation of this process.

How to add audio to Google Slides?

Step 1

Open your browser.

Step 2

Type “” on the search bar, or click on this link Google slides. It will open an untitled presentation slide for you.

Step 3

Here you can create a new presentation about anything you want. On the toolbar, select “ Insert “.

Step 4

From the list, find the “audio” tool and click on it.


Source “ Gallery “.

Step 5

It will ask you to choose from “My drive”, “shared with me” and “recently”. It is up to you to choose whichever option you want.

add audio to google slides

Step 6

There is one thing you need to know, you can not upload any audio onto your google slides. You must have it on your google drive and if you do not have it uploaded, you have to upload it. You can not upload it from this option, so you should first upload it to the drive and then you can insert the audio.

Step 7

There is another thing to take care of, it is that you can not choose audio by listening to it. So, if you have many audios on your drive and you do not know its name, then you must go back to rename it so you do not get confused on that anymore. 

Step 8

Open the audio file.

Step 9

A round voice-shaped icon will appear on your window. Click it to hear the audio.

Step 10

You can also change its appearance and time by using the “format options” tool.

Step 11

To do that, click on “ Format Options ”. A new menu will open.

Step 12

Now the main menu you will be looking for is “Audio playback”. Click on it.

Step 13

Here you can change the playback settings, like when to start the audio, the volume of the audio, and turn off audio after the slide change option.

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Step 14

You can use this audio to present your slides whenever you want.

Step 15

If you want others to make changes in your audio or you want to give them permission to use the audio, then you will have to share the audio with the other person. Remember that when you are sharing a presentation with someone, you have to give them access to your presentation and your audio differently, or else they can not edit your audio.

We hope you understood all parts of the article as we gave you the best solution for your problem. If you have any more questions about google slides, then you can ask us. If you want to create a presentation, Google slides is the best platform for you as it is completely free and full of amazing features. Give us your opinion on Which software is the best for presentation purposes. We would love to hear your opinion. You can tell us in the comment section.

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