How Do I Add Text To A Photo On My Mac?

add photo on mac

In this article we will tell you about; How Do I Add Text To A Photo On My Mac? We all love editing our photos for uploading or for other interests. We can use tools to add text to a photo. If you have a MacBook and you want to edit a picture by adding text in it and you do not know how? Then do not get worried, because we are here to help you out. We will provide you with the easiest and quickest way of adding text to a photo so you can go edit it right away. First, let’s have an introduction about MacBook’s.

What is a MacBook?

MacBook is abbreviated from Macintosh. Macintosh is a company of personal computers designed and manufactured by Apple since 1984. MacBook is a line of Macintosh laptop computers designed by Apple. The MacBook lineup came from the merging of the PowerBook and iBook lines as Apple transitioned overusing Intel instead of PowerPC processors. MacBook’s use the iOS operating system, unlike the other laptops that use Windows operating systems. They are very famous because of their elegant designs and great features. MacBook’s are famous for their speed. MacBook’s are mostly used for business purposes. 

Why do people want to add text to a photo?

People always love to edit photos, editing photos is an elegant way of decorating the picture and making it better. People add text to a photo to add subtitles sometimes, or while showing a picture story, they can add text to explain the pictures or they would add text to give a picture a name. Sometimes uploaders add their names for the sake of copyright issues, So no one can steal their original contents. 

This is the era of memes. Every single thing happening on Earth is being shown using memes. People add the template picture and the text to make a meme. Right now, most people add text to a picture for making memes. And who doesn’t love memes? And if you want to be a member too, let us guide you to the very basic steps.

How Do I Add Text To A Photo On My Mac?

Adding text to a photo is one of the simplest tasks. It is like adding rocket fuel to your visual content.  But sometimes you can not find the thigh tool for it. And if you have been a window user, then using a MacBook might be difficult for you. But do not worry, we got you. If you need assistance in adding a photo to a picture on a MacBook, if you want to make the photos that you share online to be more memorable, more shareable, more irresistible to the target audience, then follow the instructions we are about to present to you.

So, Adding a text overlay to a photo takes just a couple of minutes, but the benefits are huge. Here are some tips for you about adding text to a picture.

Step 1

Always use images that relevant to the message you want you to convey.

Step 2

“Less is more”. It means you should try your best to shorten the text and convey the message at the same time. Obviously, the photo should take more space on the display, so the less you write, the better it looks. But do not write too less that the other person can not even understand your message.

less is more

Step 3

Try to find a photo that has a natural space for the text.

find a photo that has a natural space for the text

Step 4

Try using color blocks in the text, it makes the text more readable and more beautiful.

Try Using Block To Make it Readable

Step 5

Try using a font that fits best with the photo. The text should be of a kind that it reflects the point of the picture, that it shows the harmony between text and photo.

Try using a font that fits best with the photo

Step 6

Another beautiful way of adding text in the picture is by adding pictures to the text. You will need to learn a little more to do that, if you want to, then you can go to YouTube.

adding pictures to the text

Now that you have learnt all the basics, we will get you to know how to add the text to a picture on a MacBook. 

  1. Open your MacBook.

2. Open the picture that you want to edit.

3. On the preview bar, Go to view.

4. Scroll down to “Open markup toolbar”.

5. A new toolbar will be opened. Here you can edit your photo in many ways, but we only want to add text to the image so we will remain straight to the point.

6. Click on the “text” option on the toolbar.

7. Write the text you want to in the word box that appeared in front of the picture.

8. Move the picture wherever you want with the mouse.

9. On the Markup toolbar, There will be an “A” shaped icon, click on it.

10. You can resize the text here, change the colour, its font and you can bold the text too.

11. Whenever you are done, just go to the File menu on the top left of the preview menu and save the photo.

12. Exit.


We hope you get to know how to add text to a photo on your Mac. We also gave you some Pro tips that you can use to make your photo look cooler and beautiful. If you have any more questions, then you can ask us without any hesitation. If you find this article informative please support us by giving us alike. We love your support.

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