Does Google’s Grilling By The Government Reveal Any Secrets About Search?

Google's Grilling

Does Google’s Grilling? There have been some instances when Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, was grilled by the government. The question arises—what search secrets it reveals, what micro-propaganda it hides, what monopoly it entails. Let’s find it all out here!

Google is a search engine. To Google—we use it as the verb. Wherever we want to know anything, it’s what we all do, all the time. We Google it. The platform performs 63,000 or more requests per second, 5.5bn a day. 

Its mission as a company, the one-line summary which has told the organization since its creation and which is still the banner headline on its corporate website today, is to “organize the knowledge of the world and make it universally available and useful.” It aims to achieve the best performance, the most important.

Google’s Monopoly—The Auto Complete Google Search Bar:

Google's Monopoly

Let’s clear it with the following two examples!

Google is know-how. It’s where you go to find out things. When you type: “a-r-e w-o-m-e-n,” And Google can only give you two choices, the first of which is: “Are women evil?” When you press back. Indeed, they do. All of the ten results “confirm” that they are from a platform called, including the top one, which is boxed out and highlighted: Every woman has some degree of prostitute in her. Each woman has in her a little bad … Women love men, not. They love what they can do for them. It’s fair to suggest women feel attracted but can’t love men.

Next if you type “a-r-e m-u-s-l-i-m-s.” And Google would recommend that you ask yourself: “Are Muslims bad?” So, here’s what you’re going to find out: Yes, they are. This is the top result and the other six claims. Google will offer you two new searches without typing anything else, simply putting the cursor in the search box, and if you go for the first, “Islam is bad for society.” You’ll be offered the following list of suggestions: “Islam must be destroyed.”

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Our search results are web-wide a representation of the content. This means that often negative online portrayals of the sensitive subject matter will influence which search results for a specific query appear. Such findings do not represent the views or values of Google itself – as an organization, and we strongly respect a variety of viewpoints, ideas, and cultures.

Is Google Search A Conspiracy?

Is Google Search A Conspiracy?

We as experts know that Google is, of course, not just a search engine. The search was the company’s cornerstone, but this was just the start. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, currently has the world’s highest concentration of artificial intelligence experts. This extends to include health care, transportation, and energy. This can draw top computer scientists, physicists, and engineers from around the world. Hundreds of companies have been acquired, including Calico, the whose stated goal is to “cure death,” and DeepMind aims to “solve knowledge.”

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They built a network that bleeds onto our site. It is not a trap. There is not one person who shaped this. It’s a vast system of hundreds of different websites using the same tricks that all websites are using. They send thousands of links to other pages, establishing an enormous satellite web of right-wing news and propaganda surrounding the mainstream media system.

Google’s Grilling By The Government—On What Propagandas:

Google's Grilling By The Government

As per the Google grilling, has any micro-targeted propaganda swing the Brexit vote officially legal? We don’t have the means to learn. Have the same methodology that Cambridge Analytica has used helped Trump win? Sadly, we don’t have a way to learn. Much of this occurs in utter darkness. We have no way of understanding how we manipulate and use our data to control us. We might not know that we are all familiar with the Facebook profile we are looking at, the Google account, the advertisements we display, the search results we are using.

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We don’t see anything, so we can’t equate it to something. And it is neither controlled nor registered. It is not regulated. We are inside a computer, and there’s no way we can see the levers. Much of the time, we don’t even know that controls do exist.

The general public is totally in the dark about very fundamental questions concerning online search and influence. We’re talking about the most potent mind-control computer ever invented in human race history. And nobody even mentions it.

The Significance Of Self-Knowledge When It Comes To Google Search:

Significance Of Self-Knowledge

On this map, we are all points. And our complicity, our credulity, as consumers who are not citizens concerned, is an essential part of that process. Now we are down to what happens next. I’d say everybody is very naive, and we’ve got to reset ourselves to a far more cynical position and continue on that. 

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No doubt there is an inferior place where we are now. But it’s we as a society that created this problem together. And suppose we want to get to a better place. In that case, we have to share responsibility for that when it comes to having a knowledge ecosystem that serves human rights and democracy rather than destroying them.

Are women evil? Why do you like an answer to that question? This is our Internet. Just the same for Google. Not on Twitter/Facebook. Not propagandists on the right. And we are the only ones who can improve it.