Can Python Take A Bite Out Of Time-Consuming Keyword Research For Local SEO?

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Saving time, money, and capital is utterly essential to remaining competitive and scalable for a Local SEO agency. Most companies do so by delegating the job to the junior SEO who lack expertise or are outsourcing it to white label vendors. It eventually leads to dilution of the standard if not obliteration if checks and balances are not placed in place.

Why not take a different approach? Instead of scaling by delegation, it rises by smart automation. Explore the positive effect Python can have on your technological SEO efforts to automate SEO activities and how it can help save time.

This article is about reducing keyword research and enhancing SEO analysis for local SEO with Python. 

What Is Python?

What Is Python

Python is an object-oriented, open-source programming language.

According to, its quick, easy-to-learn syntax underlines readability and thus decreases software maintenance costs.

This is used to process natural language (NLP), search/crawl data interpretation, and SEO software automation.

The Link Between Python And Local SEO

Python SEO is the widely accepted name for using Python’s syntax to efficiently process large and complex data sets in data. Python can also be used for data interpretation in Machine Learning (ML), such as algorithms’ study.

The central algorithm of Google’s organic search is firmly integrated with Machine Learning (ML) technologies. For example, take BERT, although it is an ML algorithm pre-trained by NLP (Natural Language Processing). BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer) has significantly influenced the SERP world of long-tail queries. It connects the dots of the sematic and disambiguated definitions of the term RankBrain could not decipher.

We at experts believe that staying influential and forward-thinking as an SEO Consultant, Technical SEO expert, or analyst, understanding ML technologies is a specific matter. Python is key to ML technologies.

How To Run Python For Keyword Research

How To Run Python For Keyword Research

There are various ways you can run Python scripts, depending on what fits best for you.

Some systems come with Python already installed, but it should be remembered that this would more than likely be Python 2, which will be discontinued officially in 2020 now that Python 3 is considered stable.

You can run Python from your IDE (Integrated Development Environment) terminal or command line or use alternatives based on the cloud, including:

  •  Jupyter Notebooks
  •  Google Colab

These give beginners a more comfortable experience of learning and testing code elements line by line.

This form of keyword research aims to find existing pages with a good chance to rank with much less investment than creating new content.

  • Setting Up The File
  • Determining Primary & Secondary Keywords
  • Determining Searcher’s Intent
  • Collecting Data From The SERPs
  • Calculating Link Velocity
  • Calculating Catch-Up Rate

How Python Can Help With Local SEO

local seo

While it is essential to understand the languages that drive the websites we work on (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), Python provides several automation opportunities for low-level tasks that we usually spend many hours undertaking.

Python empowers SEO professionals in a variety of ways as it helps us not only to automate repetitive tasks but also to collect and evaluate massive data sets.

The number of data marketers working with them is only increasing, so analyzing this effectively will help solve many complex problems in a shorter amount of time. In effect, it saves precious time and allows us to be more effective in carrying out other essential SEO tasks.

Such combined factors also resulted in a growth of Python’s popularity among SEO professionals. The ability to better understand the data will allow us to do our jobs better and encourage us to make decisions based on data. Therefore, these decisions will allow us to provide our clients and stakeholders with clear perspectives and to have greater trust in the recommendations we enforce.

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Wrapping It Up 

Wrapping It Up


Can I use Python to automate tasks?

Can I use Python to automate tasks

You can write scripts to automate stuff in Python. In scripting: The code is written in script form and will be executed. The computer reads the text and interprets it.

How long is it to master Python?

How long is it to master Python

It takes on an average of 8 weeks to master the fundamentals of Python. It will include simple syntax, including sentences, loops, variables, functions, and data types. How quickly you learn Python depends on the fundamentals you already know about the programming language and how much time you spend studying it.

How does local SEO work?

How does local SEO work

Local SEO helps companies market their goods and services to consumers and regional prospects. To collect local search information, search engines rely on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to provide the user with the most relevant local results.

How do I find competitors’ keywords?


There are eight best keywords tools to find competitors, such as BuzzSumo, SEM Rush, SpyFu, Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, AdWords’ Auction Insights, Crowdsourcing Keyword Research, Tag Clouds, WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool.